Privacy policy statement

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Authorisation to handle job applications

By registering with EPFL you are giving the company your personal details in the form of a specific application for the purposes of finding employment. Your data will be stored and processed in systems belonging to our software partner Haufe-umantis AG.

Your rights

You may access your electronic data at any time and can change it or delete it by accessing your personal profile (

Using your personal details during the job application procedure

Your form of address, first name, last name and the usual correspondence information such as postal address, email address and telephone numbers are saved in the applicant database during the application process. Application documents such as your letter of application, CV, educational and training qualifications and work certificates are also created.
This data is only saved, evaluated, edited or forwarded internally as part of your application. It is only accessible to employees in the HR department and to those individuals who are responsible for making the selection at EPFL. Under no circumstances will your data be passed on to any company or individual outside of EPFL or used for any other purpose. The data may be used for statistical purposes (e.g. reporting). In such cases, nothing can be traced to any individual.

Saving and deleting your data

If you have applied but been rejected, your data will be stored for another approximately 4 months after the application process has ended and then deleted (profile and application). You will not be notified that the data has been deleted.
If you have applied and agreed that your data are stored including after a specific job has been filled, your data will be stored for approximately 12 months after the application process has ended and then deleted (profile and application).
You can delete your data (profile and application) whenever you wish by accessing your personal profile (
Should you take up employment at EPFL, your personal data, or at least a part of it, will be added to your personnel file.


EPFL and software partner Haufe-umantis AG have taken the organisational and technical measures required to protect the confidentiality of your application.
Under the terms of their employment contract, all employees of the HR department and that of our software partner undertake to keep personal details confidential.
An automatically activated 128 bit encryption system ensures that your data will be transmitted securely. When processing data, we take into account general data protection standards in line with the latest technology.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

Swiss Law is applicable. The place of execution and of jurisdiction is at the registered office of EPFL.


For any information concerning our Privacy Policy, please contact the Data Protection Officer at the following mailing address : Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Station 4, CH-1015 Lausanne.
The present Privacy Policy may change with the Law and the doctrine of the Federal Data protection Officer.

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