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Technical staff at Protein Production and Structure Core Facility SV-EPFL

Your mission :
The mission of the Protein Production and Structure Core Facility (PPSCF) is to assist, advise and connect researchers in protein sciences and integrative structural biology. PPSCF is a hub where academic scientists, from within or outside the EPFL, novice or not, feel welcome to learn, interact, share and intensify their knowledge, collaborations, and research opportunities. You will be part of a team of motivated experts in protein production, purification and characterization (biophysical and structural) with high-end in-house instruments and access to top-end structural biology facilities in Switzerland and worldwide.
Main duties and responsibilities include :
  • Expression and purification of recombinant proteins from a variety of hosts including E. coli and cultivated mammalian and insect cells.
  • Operating and maintaining high-end in-house instruments, as well as Training of facility users.
  • Assisting and follow-up of X-ray crystallization projects.
  • Preparation of technical reports and SOPs.
  • Responsible for ordering consumables and keeping the laboratory in good condition.

Your profile :
  • Technical or master degree in Biochemistry, Structural Biology or related disciplines.
    PhD holders should not apply.
  • Proficient in Protein purification strategies and molecular biology techniques.
  • Expertise in structural biology by X-ray crystallography will be an asset.
  • Enthusiasm for helping and advising researchers.
  • Rigorous and reliable.
  • Good oral communication skills in French and English.
  • Desire to work in a service-oriented context.
  • Desire to learn new techniques.
Start date :
March 1st, 2019
Term of employment :
Unlimited (CDI)
Work rate :
Contact :
For additional information, please contact Dr. Pojer by e-mail:
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